MCQ Economics

         Which of the following subject matter studies in Micro Economics.

           Theory of consumers behaviour

           Aggregate demand and supply

           Govt. Budget

           National Income

  Which subject matter does not study in Macro Economics.

(a) Employment level (b) Aggregate demand & Supply
(c) National Income (d) Individual Firm

Economics problem arises because

(a) Resources are scare     (b)  wants are unlimited

 Resources have alternative uses

 above all

Which problem is not a central problem of an Economy?

(a) What to produce (b) How to produce
(c) For whom to produce (d) Indiscipline in students

Any point outside the boundary line of PPC shows:

under utilisation of Resource

unattainable combination of output

efficient utilisation of Resources

None of these

In which situation PPC shifts towards right

Resources are increased(b)  Resources are reduced

(c) Inefficient technology     (d)  None of these

Slope of production possibility curve

(a) Slope downward (b) Parallel to X-axis
(c) Slope upward (d|) Above all

An Economy produces two goods Wheat and Cloth. Find out marginal opportunity cost by the following table

Wheat Cloth
100 0
90 25

Ans. 1. (a); 2. (d); 3. (d); 4. (d); 5. (b); 6. (a); 7. (a); 8. (b).