State groups for ledgers and create the ledgers.

1.       Ashok starts business with Rs. 100000/-
2.       Purchase machinery for Rs. 50000/ and furniture for Rs. 10000
3.       Paid amount for rent Rs. 1000/
4.       Deposits Rs,. 10000/- in Bank
5.       Purchase of goods for Rs. 20000/ from Mr. Ram on credit.
6.       Sold goods to Mr. Rakesh for Rs. 10000/
7.       Rs. 5000/ withdraws from bank for personal use.
8.       Withdraws Rs. 1000/ for office use.
9.       Received cash from Mr. Rakesh.
10.   Paid to Mr. Ram.
Ans. By default, cash a/c and P&L a/c are available in Tally.

Mr. Ashok a/c
Capital a/c
Furniture a/c
Fixed asset
Machinery a/c
Fixed asset
Rent a/c
Indirect expenses
Bank a/c
Bank a/c
Purchase a/c
Purchase a/c
Sales a/c
Sales a/c
Mr. Ram a/c
Sundry creditor
Mr. Rakesh a/c
Sundry debtor
Drawing a/c
Capital a/c