To create single and multiple groups

1.       Group is the type of account. Group decides how transactions take place in accounting.
2.       Tally provides 28 predefined group. But if user wants to create any other group then use create group option.
3.       These new group is a sub group of existing group.
4.       If user wants to create a new subgroup under different groups then follow the following steps:
                    i.      From Gateway of Tally, select Account info.
                  ii.      Then select Group option, as user wants to create group.
                iii.      If user wants to create single group at a time then select create option from single group.
                 iv.      Now tally shows data entry screen for group as follows.
Group creation
Group behaves like a sub – ledger ? No.
Name: Enter the name of a group that user want to create.
Under : Select the existing primary group name.
                   v.      If user wants to create subgroups under more than one parent group or under one parent group then user must select create option from Multiple groups.
                 vi.      Then multiple group creation screen will appear.
a.       To create subgroup under one parent group, select that group in the option under group.

b.      To create subgroups under more than one parent group, select all items in the option under group.