We must have all seen that birds of the same kind move about in groups and even fly together in groups . In the same way , people who are similar in nature , and have the same hobbies , preferences or interests , are always found together . they like to spend time discussing their experiences and common pursuits . This is what is meant by the proverb , ‘Birds of a feather flock together ‘ .

People have a natural tendency to seek out like – minded people . It is human nature to do so . Sports - persons feel comfortable in the company of other sports - persons . An artist feels at home among other artists . This leads us to conclusion that a person must be very careful about the friends he has , for he will be judged accordingly . If he is in the company of dishonest people , he too will be considered dishonest . Thus , we should always remember that we are known by the company we keeps and ensure that our ‘company ‘ is good .