In one of Shakespeare’s plays , a characters says , “The quality of mercy is divine “ . Indeed to able to forget the evil that others have done to you and to forgive them is divine . Jesus Christ ,even on the cross , during his last moments ,was able to say this about the people who had put him to death :Father , forgive them for they know not what they are doing . Load Rama showed no rancor against his stepmother , Kaikeyi, for sending him into exile for fourteen years so that her son , Bharat , could be the king .

All of us are humans . We have our weaknesses . No human being is perfect . So when someone does a wrong to us , why can’t we forgive them ? When someone hurts us it is because that person is human and little understands the harm that he or she is causing  .Forgiving that person brings out the god – like nature that lies in us . It is not very easy to do , but once we do it ,we feel an inner peace and a sense of rectitude .