Outline: Today students have lost the sense of discipline – no real education is possible without discipline – students must be taught to be disciplined – students must be kept busy by educational institutions – boredom – educational reforms.

Nowadays one hears of nothing but student discipline. If we open the daily newspaper we read about students going on strike, and even indulging in arson and act of violence. All this shows that today we have lost the sense of discipline. 

Students must realize that without discipline no real education is possible. The first school of discipline should be the home. The child spends the greater part of its life at home.ony five or six hours a day are spent in schools. Hence the seeds-of discipline need to be sown in the home by parents who are the child’s first teachers. If parents neglect their duty in disciplining a child, and allow it to have its own way in everything, they will create problems for teachers for and society at large. Children who come from homes that instill a sense of discipline are a credit to their parents and to the community. Children who are not disciplined grow up to be wild and lawless and a disgrace to the community.   

Students must be taught to be disciplined my making them work hard and take an interest in constructive activities like social service. Every student must be encouraged to have a hobby to take up his leisure hours. He must also be made to take an interest in activities that benefit the community and country and help those who are less fortunate than himself. Participation in games and sports is also helpful in keeping students away from undesirable activities and making them disciplined. Educational institutions should provide ample opportunities for students to participate in games, sports, debates, elocution and other extra-curricular activities. Then there will be no problem in maintaining discipline as students will have sufficient outlets for their surplus energy. Hence the best way to maintain discipline is to see that students keep themselves busy doing something useful and interesting.

Boredom is one of the causes of student indiscipline. The educational system should be overhauled to suit the need of modern living. Students get bored if they have to follow the outdated syllabus. To keep their interest in education alive, many educational reforms are necessary. Only then they will take an active interest in learning and automatically accept the idea of discipline.