Q1. Fill in the blanks: (3 MARKS)
1.      The loss of water from the plants is known as _____________.
2.      Response to the stimulus of touch is called __________ whereas response to the stimulus of chemicals is called as _____________.

Q2.  Name the following: (3 MARKS)
1.      Growth of plant in response to external factors.
2.      Cells that assist the neurons in their function.
3.      Part of the brain that co – ordinates the voluntary movements.

Q3. Give scientific reasons. (2 MARKS)
1.      Roots of plants grow away from light.

Q4. Answer the following questions: (2 MARKS)
1.      Explain the following terms:
a.       Hydrotropic movement
b.      Chemical control in animals

Q5. Differentiate between: Voluntary and Involuntary movements. (2 MARKS)

Q6. Write a short note on: Reflex action. (4 MARKS)