1 (A) Complete the following statements by choosing appropriate alternatives from the brackets.                            3 marks

1.       The Secretary General is appointed by the General Assembly on the recommendations of the __________council (Trusteeship, Security, Economic and Social)
2.       Charles Babbage the ___________scientist prepared the first framework of a computer. (America, British, Russia)
3.       In 1615 A.D British obtained permission to start a factory at _____________. (Mumbai, Surat, Madras)

(B) Match the names in Group A with the suitable items in Group B.                                                                          3 marks
Group A                                                                                Group B
1.       Open Door                                                                  1. Geneva
2.      Uri Gagarin                                                                 2. Russian astronaut
3.       Head quarter of the League                                    3. Free Entry into China                  
4. American astronaut
5. Manhattan island
2. Answer the following questions in 25 to 30 words each (any two)                                        4 marks
1.      Which was the objective of the league of nation?
2.       In what way the knowledge of space is being used for constructive purposes?
3.       What is meant by Imperialism?

3.  Give reasons for the following statements in 25 to 30 words each. (Any two)                   4 marks
1.       In its practical form globalization has become synonymous with new colonialism.
2.       The League of nation did little to rectify the injustice done to defeated nations.
3.       The Europeans became inquisitive about the African continent.

4. Answer the following questions in 30 to 40 words each (any two)                        6 marks
1.       Name the agitations that occurred against the political and social inequalities? What were its effects?
2.       Explain the theory of separation of power of Montesquieu?
3.       How did the Industrial revolution begin in England?

5. Answer the following questions in 80 to 100 words each (any two)                                    8 marks
1.       What were the effects of the Industrial revolution on the world?
2.       What were the Consequences of the World War 1?
3.       What were the effects of the French Revolution?

6. Rewrite the sentence by choosing suitable alternatives from those given in the brackets.          2 marks
1.      The _______________is the first citizen of the India. (Prime minister, Governor, President)
2.       Supreme Court judge retire at the age of _____________. (65, 62, 60)

7. Answer the following questions in 25 to 30 words each (any two)                                                                                     4 marks
1.       What is Original Jurisdiction?
2.       Why are the decisions of the Supreme Court binding on all other court?
3.       Describe the qualification required for the judge of the Supreme Court?

8. Write Short Notes in 25 to 30 words each (any two)                                                            4 marks
1.       Financial Emergency.
2.       Composition of Rajya Sabha
3.       Quorum

9. Answer the following questions in 30 to 40 words each (any two)                    2 marks
1.       What is meant by Presidential Rule?
2.       What are the Purpose of creating cantonment board?