March 2008 Organisation of Commerce and Management

March 2008
Organisation of Commerce and Management
Time : 3 Hours Marks : 100
Instructions: (i) All questions are compulsory, (ii) Figures to the right indicate full marks for the questions, (iii)Answer to every question must be started on a new page.
Q. 1(A) Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the sentence: (5)
1. In a Government company minimum _________ share capital is invested
(a) 51% (b) 71% (c) 61%
2. Business Organisations should supply goods of _________ quality.
(a) inferior (b) sub-standard (c) good
3. The maximum period of membership of the District Forum is _________ years.
(a) two (b) three (c) universal
4. Management Principles are _________ in nature.
(a) static (b) limited (c) universal
5. _________ means linking National economy to the World economy.
(a) Globalisation (b) Privatisation (c) Liberalisation
(B) Match the pairs from Group 'A' with Group 'B': (5)
Group 'A'
Group 'B'
    1. Partnership Act
    2. Top level management
    3. Consumer Protection Act
    4. Father of modern management
    5. Staffing
      1. 1995
      2. Henry Feyol
      3. Promotion and Transfer
      4. Forecasting
      5. 1986
      6. Policy Determination
      7. 1932
      8. Fedric Taylor
      9. 1956
(10) Policy Determination
(C) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences: (5)
1. 'One member one vote' is the distinguished feature of _________ organisation.
2. Businessmen are _______ of the society.
3. __________ is the King of the Market.
4. __________ is an art of getting things done through others.
5. __________ are the extreme events which cause great loss to life and property.
Q. 2 Write short notes on any THREE of the following: (15)
1. Need of Privatisation
2. Concept of Business ethics
3. Importance of Directing
4. Importance of Total Quality Management
Q. 3 Distinguish between the following. (Any THREE): (15)
1. Partnership firm and Joint stock company.
2. State commission and National commission.
3. Administration and Management.
4. Planning and Controlling.
Q. 4 State with reasons whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.
(Any THREE): (15)
  1. Sole Trading Concern operates in International market.
  2. Consumer Movement aims at the protection of consumer interest.
  3. The Professional manager does not need special knowledge and skill.
  4. Management is an art, a science and a profession.
Q. 5 Write short answers of the following. (Any TWO): (10)
1. State the Advantages of Globalisation.
2. Explain any 'five' Management Principles of Henry Fayol.
3. State the importance of Disaster Management.
Q. 6 Answer the following questions: (10)
Define Sole Trading Concern and explain its Merits and Demerits.
What is Co-operative society?
Explain the features of a Co-operative society.
Q.7 Answer the following questions: (10)
What is Management? Explain its Nature.
Define Organising.
Explain the importance of organizing in management.
Q. 8 Answer the following question: (10)
Explain the social responsibilities of Business Organisations towards the Consumers and the Government.