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March 2010 Organisation of Commerce and Management

March 2010
Organisation of Commerce and Management

Time : 3 Hours Marks : 100
Q. 1(A) Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the sentences:(5)
1. For Partnership Organisation minimum ________ number of person are required.
(a) Two (b) Seven (c) Ten
2. The World Trade Organisation is established in _________.
(a) New York (b) Tokyo (c) Geneva
3. Businessmen are the ________ of the society.
(a) Representatives (b) Members (c) Trustees
4. The Consumer's Protection Act was passed in the year _________.
(a) 1920 (b) 1956 (c) 1986
5. Management means to __________.
(a) Order (b) Co-ordinate (c) Help
(B) Match the pairs from Group 'A' with Group 'B': (5)
Group 'A'
Group 'B'
    1. Private Company
    2. State Commission
    3. Direction and Control
    4. Henry Fayol
    5. Natural Disaster
      1. Top level management
      2. 16 principles of management
      3. Maximum 20 members
      4. Lower level management
      5. War
      6. Compensation more than Rs. 20,00,000
      7. Earthquakes
      8. 14 principles of management
      9. Maximum 50 members
(10) Compensation upto Rs. 20,00,000
(C) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences: (5)
1. A public company can commence its business after getting _________ certificate.
2. A business organisation is the essential part of _________.
3. State Commission is established by ________ Government.
4. The concept of scientific management was introduced by _________.
5. __________ involves all aspects of business.
Q. 2 Write short notes on any THREE of the following: (15)
1. Features if Business Environment.
2. Need of Principles of Management.
3. Features of Total Quality Management.
4. Business Ethics.
Q. 3 Distinguish between the following. (Any THREE): (15)
1. Joint Hindu Family Business and Co-operative Society.
2. Private Sector and Public Sector.
3. Administration and Management.
4. District Forum and State Commission.
Q. 4 State with reasons whether the following statements are True or False.
(Any THREE): (15)
  1. Disaster Management is concerned with rehabilitation of those who are affected by disaster.
  2. Staffing is a continuous process.
  3. The Managers receive orders from Lower level management.
  4. Consumer Movement is a Political Movement.
Q. 5 Write short answers of the following. (Any TWO): (10)
1. Explain the importance of Co-ordination.
2. What is the need of Privatisation?
3. Explain the features of Professional Management.
Q. 6 Define Partnership organisation and explain its advantages and disadvantages. (10)
Define Co-operative Organisation and explain its features.
Q.7 Explain the functions of the different levels of Managements. (10)
Define Direction and explain its importance.
Q. 8 Define social responsibilities of Commercial Organisations and explain their responsibilities towards Consumers and Shareholders. (10)