March 2010 Secretarial Practice

March 2010
Secretarial Practice
Time : 3 Hours Marks : 100
Q. 1 (A) Select the proper option from the option given below the rewrite the
sentences: (5)[15]
  1. Letter or regret is accompanied by _________.
    1. Refund cheque (b) Call latter (c) Dividend warrant.
  2. Stock Exchange is a place where ________ are bought and sold.
    1. Shares (b) Goods (c) Services.
  3. Dematerialization is conversion of __________.
    1. Physical securities into electronic form
    2. Share certificates into share warrants
    3. Shares into stock.
  4. Debenture holders get income in the form of ________.
    1. Dividend (b) Interest (c) Bonus.
  5. Dividend is a part of _________.
    1. Capital (b) Profit (c) Reserve fund.
(B) Match the pairs: (5)
Group 'A'
Group 'B'
    1. Commiittee Report
    2. Bull
    3. Depository Participant
    4. Voting Right
    5. Interim Dividend
      1. Equity shareholders
      2. Preference shareholders
      3. Declared between two Annual General Meetings
      4. Declared at Annual General Meeting
      5. A broker pessimist about rise in share prices
      6. A broker optimist about rise in share prices
      7. Representative of investors
      8. Representative of directors
      9. Prepared by experts
(10) Prepared by secretary
(C) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences: (5)
1. The shareholder is a ________ of a company.
2. The share certificate should be made ready for delivery by the company
within_________ months after the allotment of shares.
3. Only _________ shares can be converted into stock.
4. Rate of dividend is recommended by ___________.
5. Proceeding of the meeting should be recorded in the minutes book within
__________ days after the meeting.
Q. 2 Write short notes on Any THREE of the following: [15]
1. Type of Report.
2. Role of Stock Exchanges in capital market.
3. External factors determining Dividend Policy.
4. Contents of minutes.
Q. 3 Distinguish between the following: (Any THREE) : [15]
1. Equity shares and Preference shares.
2. Transfer of shares and Transmission of shares.
3. Final Dividend and Interim Dividend.
4. Progress Report and Committee Report.
Q. 4 State TRUE or FALSE with reasons. (Any THREE) : [15]
  1. Equity shareholders get dividend every year.
  2. A share certificate is a bearer document of title to the shares issued by the company.
  3. Debentureholder is the owner of the company.
  4. Statutory Books are not compulsory for every company.
Q. 5 Write short answers of the following. (Any TWO): [10]
1. What are the essentials of good report writing?
2. State the circumstances under which a Secretary is required to write a letter
to the debentureholders.
3. What are the provisions regarding payment of dividend to the shareholders
of a company.
Q.6 What is Preference share? Explain the different kinds of preference shares? [10]
What is Deposit? Explain the important provisions in the companies Act pertaining
to deposits.
Q. 7 Define the term 'Depository' and explain the procedure of Depository. [10]
Explain the Books of Accounts to be maintained by a company and the legal requirement
with respect to the same.
Q. 8 Write a letter to a shareholder for issue of Bonus shares. [10]