1.       Feeling safe with : My pet dog always feels safe with me around.
2.       To have a place in someone’s heart: I know, I will always have a place in my mother’s heart.
3.       Don’t dare to risk: If one does not date to risk, he will never find success.
4.       To lose one’s calm: A good driver never loses his calm in heavy traffic.
5.       Begin to take shape: My career will begin to take shape as soon as I finish my schooling.
6.       Good at heart: Though my neighbours are poor, they are good at heart.
7.       As fast as one changes socks: I have the habit of changing my hobbies as fast as I change socks.
8.       Personalities are well matched: Ours is a lovely family as our personalities are well matched.
9.       Fixing supper: I returned just when, my mother was fixing delicious supper.
10.    Oversized heart crowded into a tiny body: Mother Teresa worked all her life for the betterment of the down – trodden, she had an oversized heart crowded into a tiny body.
11.    Run short of:  I couldn’t go home by cab, since I had run short of money.
12.    As neat as a pin: My mother keeps the house as neat as a pin.
13.    Rough and tumble: My little sister is so boisterous, she throws her cleaned bedroom into a rough and tumble in no time.  
14.    To make a new beginning: After my SSC exams it will be time for me to make a new beginning.
15.    Take a long detour(diversion) : Since, I left early; I look a long detour to school.
16.    Maintain the status quo: Only those who maintain the same status quo are made members of the organising committee.
17.    To have extensive knowledge of : My teacher has extensive knowledge of English literature.
18.    To face a financial crunch: The village committee helps those farmers who are facing a financial crunch.
19.    Below poverty line: The Indian government is trying its  level best to help Indians who live below the poverty line.
20.    Tarred me forever: Losing the prestigious scholarship would have tarred me forever.