2.4 Sahyadri

1. What is Sahyadri adventure all about?
Sahyadri is a unique fiction adventure across various locations in India.
2. Where does the initial part of the adventure take place?
The initial part of the adventure takes place in the sprawling and green campus of National Defense Academy.
3. Who accompanies Anirudh in his adventure?
Anirudh’s band of friends accompany him in his adventure.
4. On what background is Koleshwar’s secret set up?
Koleshwar’s secret is set up in the Sahyadris.
5. Name a few animals that one encounters in Sahyadri.
Gaur, Tiger, Leopard, Hornbill, Snakes and barking deer.
6. Why is Sahyadri Adventure called a desi adventure?
The Sahyadri Adventure is called a desi adventure because it is set in the regions of Mumbai, Pune and Mahableshwar with the Western ghats spread between them.
7. Describe the salient features of Sahyadri Adventure?
The Sahyadri Adventure is a part of a series of adventures across various locations in India. All the locations are set in the jungles, swamps, grasslands, mountains and seas.
8. What unfolds in Koleshwar’s secret?
The vivid descriptions of Irfan’s adventure in the quest to protect a treasure unfolds in Koleshwar’s secret.
9. What according to you, add to the beauty of the prose text?
The lucid description and the choice of words adds to the beauty of the prose text.
10. What do you like about this review?

The review is informative and arouses the interest of the reader.