2.3. Bright Morning

1. What happened during the night time?
There was a strong wind blowing at the night time.
2. What does the sky do in the morning.
The sky rejoices in the morning.
3. Who runs in her mirth?
The hare runs in her mirth.
4. From where does the mist rise?
The mist rises from the plashy(watery, wet) earth.
5. What do the different birds do? Discuss.
The birds sing sweetly in the woods. The Stock – dove thinks about something that is annoying.
6. Describe the weather in the early morning.
The sun is rising, the sky is rejoicing and the birds are twittering and chirping in the early morning.
7. Discuss what the hare does in her happiness.
The hare in her happiness runs a race and thus raises the mist in the air.
8. Who does the word ‘she’ refer to?
‘She’ refers to the hare.
9. How do you feel on bright and sunny morning?
I feel quite enthusiastic, energetic and excited on a bright and sunny morning.
10. How far do you agree with the feeling of William Wordsworth?

I completely agree with the feeling of William Wordsworth who very aptly describes the beauty of a morning which we must accept and appreciate in Nature.