3.1 A letter to a Coach

1. What did the coach teach the child?
The basics of sport.
2. What values did the child learn?
The value of finishing what is started and the joy of personal accomplishment.
3. When was the coach proud of the child?
When the child secured a first place medal.
4. The parents noticed some changes in the child. What were they?
The child had now become a strong, happy player willing to give all for the team. He learnt skills that will last a lifetime. He had developed a strong desire to excel.
5. Why do the parents feel that the years are amazing?
The years are amazing because they will look back at the ribbons, medals and trophies and see them as symbols of the real gifts that the child has received.
6. The writer says, “You’ve kindled in them a desire to excel”. Do you agree with these feelings of the parents? Why?
Yes, the parents have a feeling of pride and honour because the coach brings about a strong welcome change in their child.
7. How, according to you, did the coach mould a timid child in a good and confident player?
The coach moulded the timid child into a good and confident player by motivating him to excel, giving him individual attention and showing appreciation to him.
8. How did the coach’s wise approach benefit the child?
The coach’s wise approach showed the child that in addition to winning, other goals are as worthy.
9. Why does the writer says that it was a victory for all of them?
It was victory for all of them because the coach had taught the writer’s child skills that would last a lifetime.
10. In what way does the writer show appreciation to the coach?

The writer shows appreciation to the coach by acknowledging his efforts in transforming his child from a timid one to a skilled and endowed player.