3.2 That’s success

1. What is the relation between money and success?
Success is making money.

2. How should we look at success and think?
We should think positively and aim high.

3. What does the poet say about hardwork?
We must maintain speed with hard work and our efforts.

4. How should we accept our loss?
We must accept loss with a cheerful grin.

5. How does the poet want us to fight for success and look at defeat?
The poet wants us to fight staunchly with a will to win and to look defeat in a positive way.

6. Which contrasting words does the poet use in the last stanza to describe success?
It is sharing sorrow and work and mirth.

7. Look at the line, ‘With what is finest in the word and deed.’ What message of life do you get in this line?
We must put in our best effort in thought and action.

8. it is said that, ‘there is no short cut to success,’ Do you agree this? Explain it with the help of the text.
Yes, success, as the lives of great men have proved, is one percent inspiration and ninety – nine percent perspiration.

9. How do you look upon success? What are your opinions / feelings about success?
According to me, success comes to those who dare and do. Many people want to taste success, but do not realize what it takes to reach there – diligence, perseverance, commitment and self – belief.

10. What must we share?

We must share our sorrow, work and mirth.