Fact file on Lonavala

Read the following passage and prepare a factfile, taking into account at least five points.
          One of the most popular gateways from Mumbai and Pune is Lonavala, a beautiful hill  station located in the Western Ghats and is about 106 kms from Mumbai. Lonavala is also called a the jewel  in the Sahayadri range. As monsoon rains come tumbling down the Sahayadri hills, the hill station shows its best colour green. Lonavala derived its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Lonavli’, which means ‘city surrounded by caves’. The region around Lonavala was once a popular Buddhist centre. The picturesque view of the Sahayadri range is one of the many highlights tat Lonavala has to offer. With its lush surroundings and peaceful environment, Lonavala is an ideal gateway from Mumbai’s concrete jungle and an ideal place for trekking. A leisurely walk along the waterfalls and other beautiful spots is what keeps most travellers busy in Lonavala. There are number of places around Lonavala to visit. The lakes around Lonavala worth visiting include Tungarli and Bhushi. Khandala, just five kilometres away, is another exciting hill resort that can be visited from Lonavala. Lonavala is a year round destination, however most people prefer to visit the hill station druing Sumer and the Monsoon. The nearest airport to Lonavala is Pune, which is about 64 kilometres from Lonavala. Lonavala lies on the main railway line between Pune and Mumbai and hence the train is one the most convenient ways to reach Lonavala. Lonavala is well connected by road and lies on the Mumbai – Pune highway.
Fact file on Lonavala
Location                          :         Western Ghats 106 kms from Mumbai.
Distance from Important Places :         64 km from Pune.
Modes of Transport                   :         Roadways and railways.
Uniqueness                     :         Lush greenery all around and peaceful environment.
Best time of the year to visit      :         all year round, especially in summer and in monsoon.
What to see           :         Khandala, lakes, waterfalls

Anything special              : Picturesque view of the Sahayadri range.