1.2 The tie that does not Bind.

1. What was the writer always asked to do whenever he was about to go abroad?
Ans. The writer was always asked to bring back something.
2. What did Gilson want the writer to bring for him?
Gilson wanted the writer to bring him a tie with a letter ‘G’ on it.
3. When did the writer remember the fact that he had to buy something for Mr. Gilson?
The Writer remembered to buy the tie on Sunday while strolling around the shops.
4. Why did the writer decide to pick up all the ten ties?
The writer decided to pick up all the ten ties in order to avoid waiting for the change.
5. Why was the taxi driver waiting in the next street?
The taxi driver was waiting in the next street as parking was prohibited?
6. Why were the other passengers in the flight gazing at the writer?
The other passengers wanted to reproach (criticism) the writer for causing the delay.
7. Why, do you think, the writer paid double for the fare to the taxi driver?
The writer paid double fare to the taxi driver because he waited for the writer in an area where no parking was allowed.
8. What is the climax of the incident?
The climax of the incident is that despite all the trouble the writer took to get the ties for Gilson, he left them in the taxi.
9. What makes you laugh while you read the incident?
The humour arising out of haste and forgetfulness makes me laugh when I read the incident.
10. Why did the driver refuse to wait?
The driver refused to wait because parking was prohibited.
11. Did the writer make a frantic search for the ties?
Yes, the writer made frantic search for the ties only when he remembered them on Tuesday morning.
12. How did the writer feel when he found that his taxi has vanished?
The writer felt desperate as he would have missed his flight.
13. Frame two suitable sentences to bring out the meaning of the word ‘last’ as an adjective and as a verb.
The last train to Pune leaves at ten to midnight from Mumbai.
The movie lasted an hour and half.
14. Who asked the writer for a tie? And of what kind?
Gilson asked the writer for a tie with the initial ‘G’ on it.
15. Why did the writer not buy the ties on Sunday?
The writer did not boy the ties on Sunday as all the shops were closed.
16. Did the return flight take off on time?
No, the return flight was delayed because of the late arrival of the writer.
17. Pick out one word from the passage which contains a prefix as well as a suffix.