Concept of Personality Development

Answer the following.
1. Mention one way to improve your spiritual development.
Ans. To improve our spiritual development, we must read about those who worked for the society and stay in the company of great people by reading biographies.
2. Mention one way to improve social development.
Ans. To improve social development, we must participate in various programmes, make friends with different individuals, read biographies of social personalities etc.
3. What does sound physical health mean?
Ans. The sound physical health means having good muscle power, capacity to make fast and nimble movements, elasticity of body, the ability to hold one's breath while playing or doing exercise and having co – ordination between sensory organs and muscles.
4. Which is the best period of one's life?
Ans. Adolescence is the best period of one's life.
5. How will you improve your physical health?
Ans. To improve our physical health, we must pay attention to personal and public hygiene, healthy food, regular health checkup and consultations with family and teachers.
6. How can you improve your intellectual development?
Ans.  In order to improve our intellectual development, we should acquire computer skills, competitive events, participating in debates and pursuing hobbies. In order to improve memory, one must understand the subject well, do repeated reading and concentrate.
7. Define Intellectual development.
Ans. Intellectual development means having proper decision making capacity, the capacity to take a comprehensive view of the problem, capacity to think about new and varied ideas and capacity to create something new.
8. How to get of stress and strain?
Ans. Reading of good literature, pursing hobbies, sports etc., will help us to get out of our stress and strain.
9. What does Good emotional development includes?
Ans. Good emotional development includes being able to control one's emotions, being able to express emotions, being broad – minded, having love and affection for others and cultivating qualities such as co – operation, service, honesty, etc.
10. How can you achieve your All – round development.

Ans. We can achieve our all – round development only if we evaluate ourself sincerely and honestly and plan well to achieve the desired changes.