Who am I?

Answer the following.

1. How do you find your own role model?
a. By reading good literature.
b. By travelling through our country.
c. By attending seminars, workshops, exhibitions, presentations, social gatherings etc.
2. Mention some virtues that help our personalities to bloom.
Ans. Inborn virtues such as empathy, unconditional love, sympathy, helpfulness etc. add to social utility and acceptance of the person. These virtues help our personalities to bloom.
3. What must be our ideas regarding our future?
Ans. Our future is very important to us. We must decide what we want in the future. Our idea must be clear. Deciding what to strive for and beginning to work towards it is the commencement of our journey.
4. What are the true signs of richness?
Ans. People who spread joy everywhere with a loving heart are richer than millionaires who flaunt their wealth. Nurturing the habits of being useful to others gaining knowledge, increasing productivity, utilizing time and observing cleanliness are the true signs of richness.
5. How does one search for his / her own ideals?
Ans. All of us want to lead our own lives success fully and smoothly. We look out for our role models. Our thoughts are influenced by mythological characters such as Ram, Bharat, Arjun, Sita, Draupadi etc. We may also make Chhattrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi our role models. Our role models differ according to our nature. We are likely to follow people who have a deposition similar to ours.
6. Give two examples to support the statement, 'Today is the preparation for tomorrow'.
Ans. Today is always a preparation for tomorrow. The person who wastes today, is preparing to waste tomorrow. We must remember always that tomorrow never comes. Those who use every single second precisely and carefully, really prosper in life. This is time preparation.
For eg: - If we have decided to become an architect, take an interest in drawing and math and try to improve in these subjects. If you wish to become a sportsperson, begin by improving your health, inculcating discipline and increasing your stamina.
 7. Write about 'Beauty' in 8 lines.
Ans. Beauty is not just skin deep, it lies in the action and deeds of a person. A person who thinks of others more and of himself less is blessed with beauty of thought. There are people who have given their lives for their nation, who have lived lives of being kind to all, who have believed in equality, justice and fraternity. Such people have been blessed with the beauty of thoughts. Beauty in the mind of the person can be seen through his actions and words. Beauty in a person's mind and soul is what is important and this has to grow and not diminish as the years roll on.

8. How can travelling through the country help one to find a role model?

Ans. Travelling through the country we come to know the secret behind the success of different ventures like Taj Mahal, Sindhu durg, Janjira forest, Bhakra – nangal dam, Amul milk production, Golden Temple, Worli sea link etc. It was their intense passion of that has gone into. If one has such passion, one is sure to succeed in life.