Direct and indirect speech.

1.       The doctor said, “I have given an injection and it will make you sleep.”
Ans. The doctor said that he had given an injection and it would make him sleep.

2.       “Who are you and what are you doing here?” she asked him. “I am a painter and I’m drawing pictures on my pitcher,” he said.
Ans. She asked him who he was and what he was doing there. He answered that he was a painter and was drawing pictures on his pitcher.

3.       “Something is burning,” said the man. “Can you smell it, Vinay?” (Change it into indirect speech)
Ans. The man said that something was burning. He asked Vinay whether he could smell it.

4.       She’d said, “What do you think – that somebody’s always going to be around to wait on you?
Ans. She asked him whether he thought that somebody would always be around to wait on him.
5.       He announced that he was going to be a doctor.
Ans. He announced, “I am going to be a doctor.”

6.       “Why not settle for something more, within your capabilities, like History or Psychology?” suggested the biology professor.
Ans. The biology professor suggested him that he should settle for something more within his capabilities like History or Psychology.

7.       “Dave”, said the other senior, gripping his shoulder, “I can see like an eagle.”
Ans. Gripping his shoulder, the other senior told Dave that he could see like an eagle.

8.       The violet opened her blue lips and said, “What an unfortunate am I among the flowers!”
Ans. The violet opened her blue lips and exclaimed that she was unfortunate among the flowers.

9.       She laughed and commented. “How strange is your talk!”
Ans. She laughed and commented that her talk was very strange.

10.    She approached and said, “Has greed entered your heart and humbled your senses”
Ans. She approached and asked whether greed had entered her heart and had humbled her senses.

11.    The queen of violets called to her family, saying, “Let the memory of this scene be a reminder of your good fortune.”
Ans. The queen of violets called to her family to say that the memory of that scene should be a reminder of their good fortune.

12.    He would give a reply, “We do not need a house of our own. I already own five houses.”
Ans. He would reply that they did not need a house of their own and added that he already owned five houses.

13.    I tried arguing, “But what difference does it make?”
Ans. I tried to argue saying that it did not make any difference.

14.    “Is it dead?” asked Neha. “No,” said Rahul. “ I can still feel its heart beating.”
Ans. Neha asked whether it was dead. Rahul replied in the negative. He added that he could still fell its heart beating.

15.    Gandhiji said that the greatest lessons in life are learnt from children.

Ans. Gandhiji said, “The greatest lessons in life are learnt from children”.