Identify the tense

1.       They had not been frank enough with Dave.
Ans. Past perfect tense.
2.       The four poets were eating at the dinner table.
Ans. Past continuous (progressive) tense.
3.       It all came back to me. (Rewrite using Past perfect Tense)
Ans. It had all come back to me.
4.       There was an amazing publication. (Use Past perfect tense and rewrite)
Ans. There had been an amazing publication.
5.       You are consoling me. (Use present perfect continuous tense)
Ans. You have been consoling me.
6.       Contentment has acted as a barrier. (Make Present Perfect Continuous tense)
Ans. Contentment has been acting as a barrier.
7.       It takes its name from a place in Chennai.
(Rewrite using Present Perfect Tense)
Ans. It has taken its name from a place in Chennai.