Your school conducted an adult literacy programme. Write a report on the same.

The General English High School
Adult Literacy Programme
Mumbai, 15th September, 2013.
          About 50 students of Std X from “The General English High School, Dharavi, along with 5 of their teachers, went to the nearby locality, and contacted about 25 adult illiterate men and 6 women from the slums, and planned a programme to educate them.
          According to their syllabus, they planned to teach them the alphabet in English and Marathi, reading and writing, numbers 1 to 100, addition and subtraction, and environmental studies related to health and hygiene, The method adopted to teach the above mentioned syllabus was through skits, T.V. Shows, Personal teaching and storytelling.
          At first, they had only 40 adult men, but later on, impressed by the interesting manner of teaching the team attracted a total number of 250 people. The students find it extremely rewarding to see the number of adult literates on the rise.

A report on the brain - drain problem.
Many Young Indians Are Leaving India and Are Staying Abroad
Mumbai, 15th September, 2013
          One of the prime concerns of the present day economic set - up is the increasing brain drain problem which the Government has felt the need to redress.
          From a recently conducted survey, it was found that better employment environment and  opportunities abroad are the main reason for this. The state authorities are trying hard to stop this menace(threaten). National loyalty and adequate utilization of their services are strong arguments in favour of preventing this menace, or at least minimizing the brain - drain.
          The Government of India is organizing various camps to create awareness about migration being a serious threat to our national income and thus an economic loss to the country.  

Two women showed great courage in combating theft. Prepare a news report of the same.
Brave Women Nab Thief
Mumbai, 15th September, 2013
          Social security and safety seem to have perished in our city these days. Many thefts have been reported during the past week. In one such incident, a thief who broke into homes that were locked and snatched valuables from people was caught by two women in Mahim.
          It has been reported that as these two women emerged from the bank, he snatched one of their bags in which a sum of twenty thousand was kept. The women raised an alarm and together with the general public chased him until he was caught within a few yards ahead.
          The thief, a youth from local area, was handed over to the police where he confessed to all his criminal activities. He was placed in the lock - up and a case has been registered against him. The authorities appreciated the efforts of the two women.

Mumbai, February, 21
By a Staff Reporter,

       In a daring daylight robbery, three masked men entered the Indian Bank, Mahim branch on Monday at 10 a.m. When the manager refused to cooperate, he was fired at chest from a N – 38 revolver and was seriously injured. The three masked escaped in a waiting Red Maruti Van with a loot of 5 lakhs.
       The Bank Manager Mr. Anbu Selvan, was rushed to Sion Hospital. He had sustained two bullet wounds on his chest. Doctors have reported that his conditions were critical. When contacted Mr. Ragavan, commissioner of Police said that certain important clues have been inspected which would definitely lead to the arrest of the bank robbers.

Mumbai, February, 21
By a Staff Reporter,
Thirty school children were killed when an S.T. Bus was smashed by a truck near Matunga yesterday.
           Sixty five students and five teachers of General English High School were on their way to Water Kingdom at about 9.40 a.m., in a State Transport Bus. When the truck driver was trying to save a boy who was crossing the road the truck smashed the S.T. Bus.  Thirty School children were killed. Twenty five students and 3 teachers were seriously injured; they were immediately taken to the Sion Hospital.  
When contacted Mr. Ragavan, commissioner of Police said that investigations were going on detailed report will be given only after the proper investigation.  

Mumbai, February, 21
By a Staff Reporter,
                       Heavy, rains which continued for the third day in Mumbai, brought all normal life to a stand still. The Central part of the city was the worst affected with the water level rising above 3 feet in some areas.
                       Most of the main roads were completely flooded. In many areas the electric poles had fallen down and thus the whole city faced darkness. The situation may improve by tomorrow. The Spokesman of B.E.S.T. said that, “All the city buses were cancelled, which leads to a major problem for a common man”

Mumbai, February, 21
By a Staff Reporter,
                       Over 30 children were battling for their lives in Sion Hospital after they had consumed sweets distributed by the school at a function, yesterday.
                       The students of the General English High School, King Circle were given sweet brought from a local shop on the occasion of Annual Day celebration of the School. Immediately after consuming sweets the children felt nausea and dizziness. Some started vomiting and were rushed to Sion Hospital. The police have registered a case against the shopkeeper and arrested him. Parents were worried for the speedy recovery of their children.


Mumbai, February, 21
By a Staff Reporter,
                       India wins second test match against Australia at Eden Garden, today. The two teams now stand level.
                       The little master Sachin and Skipper (captain) Dhoni had built up a partnership of one sixty runs taking up the total to 350. However, Brett lee, bowling took the toll and he took 4 wickets.

Later the overall target of 540 runs seemed to be tough for the Australian team. The Australian Skipper Ricky Ponting was disappointed with their players performance. As none of the Australian player has scored a century except the Skipper. Ricky Ponting himself is the highest scorer with 103 runs. The Ponting said, “My team would fight back in the Third and final test in Mumbai”.