View and Counterview

1. Village life is better than city life.

  • Villages have much lesser pollution and more greenery, hence cooler climate.
  • Village life is slow, monotonous and non - trendy.  
  • Better medical facilities and educational facilities are being offered in villages.
  • Villages offer man the sight of natural landscapes and sceneries.
  • Villages remain stagnant(stable)  over a period of time.
  • City life is a fast changing life, adaptable and trendy.
  • City life offers a person more opportunities for growth and development.
  • Man can make rapid progress in a city.
  • Social life and entertainment is better and wider.
  • In a city there are better medical and educational facilities.

2. We should ban computers for two days. Express your views and counterviews.

  • Facilitate personal interaction with people.
  • Use strategies used in the days when computers did not exist.
  • Leads of personal networking.
  • Loss to sedentary (Sitting continuously in front of Computer/TV) lifestyle.
  • Work will get affected.
  • There will be economic loss.
  • There will be no connectivity.
  • Emergencies will suffer.

3. Debate on ‘Old persons are burden to the society”.

  • Old persons have already formed a pattern of life and are unwilling to change or modify or adjust.
  • They have fixed ideas and are not ready to accept any new ideas that does not fit into their mindset.
  • Their experience cannot be applied to present day situations.
  • They lack knowledge of the changing lifestyle.
  • Old people have rich and rewarding experience of life.
  • They teach us values
  • They guide us to solve problems.
  • They offer us support and encouragement.
  • They shower us with love and affection.

4. The present education system is a burden on the student.

  • The syllabus is too vast and varied.
  • The difficulty level is too high.
  • The quantum of evaluation and assessment is too much.
  • There is no scope for personality grooming.
  • The system focuses mainly on the rote (memorization technique)  learning.
  • The units per lesson are shorter and simpler to understand.
  • Assessment and evaluation is done in a phased(gradual) manner.
  • Oral testing and evaluation has been provided.
  • Fear of rigorous (Severe, strict, hard) examinations is eliminated.