1. Answer briefly:
(1) What are communication devices?
Ans. The devices which help us to communicate are known as communication devices. Eg : Mobile, Computer.
(2)Which are the sources of information?.
Ans. The sources of information are Printing press, Xerox Machine, Fax Machine, Post Office, radio and television.
(3)Explain the following:
(i) E- Mail : Electronic mail is used for sending, receiving and writing messages through internet.
(ii) Teleconferencing: Teleconferencing is uses telephone lines to connect two or more computers and modem, for holding  a meeting between people in remote areas or workplaces.
2. Answer in one sentences:
(1) What is the use of fax machine?
Ans. Fax machine can send pictures or text over telephone line quickly.
(2) Who invented telephone?
Ans. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
(3)  What is internet?
Ans. The internet is a worldwide system of computer networks in which user at any one computer can get information from any other computer.
(4) What is the use of  ATM?
Ans. ATM (Automated teller Machine) is used to withdraw money any time without going to bank.
3. Fill in the blanks.
(1) Instead of printed books ebooks are available.
(2)SMS and MMS can be sent through mobile phone.
(3)Short messages can be send through email.
4. Match the following:         
Group ‘A’                                      Ans.
(1) Microprocessor Chip    :    Intel
(2) First telegraph message :    Samuel Morse.
(3) First dictionary                  :         Webster
(4) Sound Recording      :         Thomas Edison