1. Answer briefly:
(1) Write any three lab rules.
Ans. Do not remove or disconnect any cable, Use keyboard and mouse and gently and always move the mouse on the mouse pad.
(2)Write any three moral values.
Ans. Do not change any computer settings, Do not read or modify other users file and Don’t use pirated software.
(3)What happened if suddenly electricity goes off?
Ans. If there is sudden power failure, Hardware may get permanently damaged while software may get corrupted.
(4)What are the precautions taken while sitting in front of the computer?
Ans. Sit straight, end fingers less, he monitor should be at least 2 feet away from you and blink your eyes often.
2. Answer in one sentences:  
(1) What is a virus?
Ans. Computer virus is a small program, which infects the computer by corrupting the files, and uses the computers memory with out our knowledge.
(2) What is the use of UPS?
Ans. In the case of power failure, an UPS can supply power for some more time allowing you to safely shutdown the computer.
(3)  Name some of the antivirus programs?
Ans. Norton, AVG, IBM and Quick Heal.
(4)  How does virus affect the computer?
Ans. Virus enters the computer while surfing the net or through e-mails, as well as through infected floppies, CD’s and pen drives.
3. Fill in the blanks:
(1) The full form of UPS is Uninterrupted Power Supply.
(2) The monitor Should be at a distance of 2 feet..
(3) Blink your eyes often an look around to give rest to the eyes..
(4) Do not change any computer settings.
(5)To detect the virus in a computer Anti Virus program is used.
4. State true or False:
(1) Always keep mouse on mouse pad.                         True
(2) Compter virus is a hardware.                                   False

(3) Norton, AVG, are antivirus programs.                    True