1.Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:
(1) What is a computer network?
Ans. Computer network refers to two or more computers connected or linked each other.
(2)What are the hardware and software components of a computer network?
Ans. Server computer, Network interface card (INC) and Network cables are the hardware components and Network operating system, Communication protocol and network driver are the software components for a network.
(3)Name different type of networking cables.
Ans. Twisted pair, coax and Optical fibre.
(4)What is a network operating system?
Ans. An operating system which enables and controls the operation of the network is known as network operating system. Eg. M/S Windows.
(5) What is the use of a network interface card?
Ans. Network Interface card (NIC) help us to connect computers. NIC is an add on card.
(6)State the benefit of networking computers?
Ans. Connectivity - Network enables efficient communication among co-workers. Sharing – Network is useful to share information, software resources and hardware recourses.
(7)State the disadvantages of networking computers?
Ans. A server – centric network fails when the server is down. Virus can spread easily through the network. And unauthorized user may steal or destroy the important data.
(8)What is the different type of network?
Ans. Local area network (LAN), Metropolitan area network (MAN) and Wide area network (WAN).
(9)What is local area network?
Ans. In local area network connects the computers that are relatively close to each other. Such as a room or a single building.
(10)What is a metropolitan area network?
Ans. Metropolitan area network is a network that connects two or more LANs with in the boundaries of a town or city.
(11)What is a server? Name different types of servers.
Ans. A computer system on the network that provides a service to other computers connected to the network is called a server. Different types of servers are Database server, Application server, Web server and Mail Server.
(12) What is a database server?
Ans. A database server centrally stores and manages large database file so that other computer on the same network can access the files.
(13) What is a mail server?
Ans.  Mail server is an internet based computer which holds mailbox accounts of a large number of clients. Clients send message to Mail server and Mail server relays that message to its destination. If the client accesses their mailbox from Mail server they can receive email.
(14) What is meant by network topology? Name the different type of topologies?
Ans. Topology of a network refers to the layout or map of connected devices on a local area network. The basic types of network are bus, ring and star topologies. Hybrid and mesh topologies employ two or all of these basic types.

2. Name the following:        
(1)The central cable in the bus topology. Bus or Back bone
(2)The central unit through which all nodes in star topology are connected to the server. Hub
(3)A network topology which uses both bus and ring topologies. Hybrid Topology.
(4)A computer on a network which requests services from server. Client
(5)A server which provides front end to the database server backend. Application server

3. State the following statements are true or false:
(1) Information can be efficiently shared by network computers. True.
(2) Sharing of peripheral devices both on office space and cost. True.
(3) NIC is also called a network adapter. True.
(4) A fibre optic cable has the lowest message carrying capacity. False.
(5) NOS is also called a network driver. False.
(6) A wide area network remains only a dream concept. False.
(7) A database server also called a front end. False.
(8) A combination of star and ring topologies is called a mesh topology. True.

4. Fill in the blanks:
(1) The major benefits of networking are Connectivity and sharing.
(2) A Coaxial cable has higher capacity that UTP or STP but lower than that fibre optic  cable
(3) For two devices on a network to communicate, they must follow the same Protocol.
(4) WAN create nation wide and world wide data communication network.
(5) A client is a computer on a network that requests services from the server.
(6) An Application server is called front end.

5. Sate any two points of differences between:
Local area  network 
Metropolitan area network
Connects computers in small geographical area.
Connects computers in a large geographical area.
Connects two or more computers in a building or room.
Connects two or more network inside the boundary of a city.

Bus topology
Ring topology
Computers and peripherals are connected to the same parallel central cable.
Computers and peripherals are connected in the shape of a ring.
Requires less cable.
Requires more cable than bus topology.