1. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:
(1) What is turtle in logo?
Ans. The triangular cursor at the centre of M/S logo screen is known as Logo turtle.
(2)What are Logo primitives?
Ans. English like keywords in M/S logo is called primitives.
(3) Name any four high-level languages other than Logo.
Ans. FORTAN, APL, BASIC and Pascal.
(4) Describe briefly the parts of a the Commander window of Logo.
Ans. There are 3 parts. They are 1. Input Box – The box to enter logo commands, 2. Output / Command –Recall List Box –This box records all the executed commands and 3. Control Menu – All other button in the commander window like Reset, Pause.
2. State the following statements are true or false:       
(1)  Logo is a machine level language. False.
(2)  Symour  Papert developed the Windows version of Logo language. True.
(3)  The graphic area of the Logo window is also called the Output Box. False.
(4)  You can edit the Logo commands in the Output/Command –Recall List Box of the commander window. False.
(5)  You may type on one line several Logo commands separated by spaces. True.
(6)  In logo, the CLEAN command erases all line in the graphics area and restores the turtle to its home position. False.
(7)  Logo programs and bitmaps are saved with .LOG as the extension. True.
3. Fill in the blanks:
(1) MSW Logo was developed by George Mills.
(2) A keyword of Logo is also called primitives.
(3) The primitive PENDOWN can operate in three modes namely, PEN ERASE  and  REVERSE.
(4) The primitive ST  is used to show a hidden turtle.
(5) To draw a nonagon, the turtle must be rotated through an angle of 40  at every turn.

(6) The command REPEAT 180 [FD 1 RT 1] will draw a Half Circle.