1. Fill in the blanks:
(1)WWW is the one of the most used services, second only to e-mail, available on internet.
(2)A search engine complies its database using spider.
(3)Guruji is the first crawler-based search engine developed completely in India.
(4)The fraction of the web covered or crawled by the spiders of a search is called its crawling reach and frequency.
(5)A search engine which searches the databases of other crawler-based search engine is called a Metasearch Engines.
(6)Key word or phrase with which you search a topic in a search engine is called Query.
(7)Downloading is the transmission of a file from a web server to the client computer.

2. State whether the following statements are true or false.

(1) You can search the web using two types of search service.True
(2) A Search engine is entirely automated.True
(3) The search service engine involves three processes.True.
(4) A crawler of a search engine is also called an ant.True.
(5) All search engines are same and return the same resources link for the same query.False.
(6) A Meta search engine is a crawler based search-engine.False.
(7) Google search engine does not allow Boolean operator.False.
(8) You can not use more than one key word as search query.False.
(9) Your ISP charges for your time to brows the web.True.
(10) It is perfectly ethical to use a shareware non-commercially with out paying for it.False.

3. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:

(1) Name the three process involved in the search service of a search engine.
Ans.Crawling, indexing and processing.
(2)What is spider or web crawler?
Ans.Crawler is a small computer program which help the search engine to maintain the data.
(3). What is indexing?
Ans.The URL of the webpage along with the keywords found are recorded in the database of search engine.
(4)Name any two search engines that allow you to search for information from Indian sites.
Ans.Yahoo and google.
(5) State the two distinguishing characteristics of different search engine.
Ans.Crawling reach and frequency, relevancy determining algorithm.
(6)What is a meta search engine?
Ans.A search engine which searches the database of another search engines.
(7)What is the advantage of a meta search engine?
Ans.We can get information from various search engines.
(8)What is downloading?
Ans.Dowloading is the transmission of a file from web servers to client computer.
(9)What is a freeware?
Ans.The software which can download from internet with out paying is called freeware.
(10)What is share ware?
Ans.The software which are freely distributed with an expectation that somebody will pay for that.
4. Match the following.

[1] Column A
Column B
1) Indexing
(a) Database.
2) Crawler
(b) Spider.
3) Search engine
(c) Guruji.
4) Meta search engine
(d) Horbot.