1.Fill in the blanks.
(1) Excel is a electronic spreadsheet program in the Microsoft Office suit.
(2) The intersection of a column and row is called a cell.
(3) A selected cell is called a/an Active cell.
(4) The Name Box displays the address of the active cell.
(5) The data entered in a cell is also displayed in the Formula Bar.
(6) By default, a number is displayed Right aligned in a cell.
(7) By default, text data type in a cell is Left aligned.
(8) A worksheet in excel can have a maximum of 65536 rows.
(9) Excel adds the extension .xls to every workbook file.
(10) A Chart is a graphical representation of spread sheet data.
2.State whether the following statements are true or false:
(1) You can press CTRL + N key combination on the keyboard to create a new blank workbook in excel True.
(2) The Menu bar in Excel has a main menu item data.True
(3) In Excel, by default, data Type Date is left aligned in a cell True.
(4) The address of active cell can be seen in Formula Bar True.
(5) To select all cells in a workbook column, you can double click on any cell of that column False.
(6) You can give meaningful name to a worksheet in excel True.
(7) The formula, =A5+D5, will return the sum of the numbers in the rage of A5 to D5.False.
(8) The formula =MEAN(A5:D5), will return the arithmetic mean of the numbers in the rage A5 to D5.True.
(9) The formula =POWER(4,-2), is a valid formula. False.
(10) You can hide or close the Task pane in Excel from the View menu. True.
3.Answer the questions in one or two sentences each:
(1) What is mean by spreadsheet?
Ans.A spread sheet contains rows and columns to record and compare financial or numerical data.
(2)Name any two spreadsheet programs.
Ans.Mark sheet of class, Payroll sheet for employees.
(3) What are the different types of data that can be entered   in a worksheet cell?
Ans.Numbers with symbols, Text, Formula and date and time can be entered in a worksheet cell.
(4) What is the use of the Formula bar in Excel?
Ans.Formula bar displays the content of a cell which is active. It help us to edit the formula or content of active cell.
4. Which menu command or tool will you use to perform each of the following functions:
(1) Create a new workbook.
Ans.Select file menu and click on new.
(2)Delete a sheet from a workbook.
Ans.Select edit menu and click on delete sheet.
(3) Insert new worksheet in workbook.
Ans.Select insert menu and click on worksheet.
(4) Adjust the area of worksheet that will be printed on page.

Ans.Select file menu and click on Print Area.