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1.Fill in the blanks :-
1.RAM is a volatile memory.
2.Contents of Read Only Memory are not erased even when the computer is switched off.
3.Dynamic RAM needs to be constantly refreshed.
4.Static RAM is faster but costlier.
5.A pen drive is a removable media secondary memory.
6.SRAM built into a microprocessor is called a Cache
7.An SMS text message can contain up to 160 English characters and symbols.
8.Using your cell phone outside your home area is called as Roaming.
9.INSAT System is India’s domestic communication satellite system.
10.A customer care Centre handles mainly inbound calls.
11.Direct marketing through telephone is known as telemarketing.
12.A face-to-face meeting of two or more persons is called a videoconferencing.
13.Call conference service of MTNL/BSNL allows a teleconference among a maximum of 5 persons.
2.      Distinguish between :
1. RAM
1.This is a short term memory.
1.This is a long term memory.
2.Temporarily holds the data
2.Permanently holds the data.
3.When you switched off the computer all the data written in the RAM are erased, Thus RAM is a volatile memory.
3.ROM retains its programs or data even when it is not electrically powered. Thus ROM is a non-volatile memory.

2.SMS (Short Message Services)
Multimedia Message Services
1.SMS helps to send text messages
1. MMS Helps to send Text, Video, Picture  and Sound files.
2.SMS is cheaper than MMS
2. MMS is costlier than SMS

3.Give the names of :

1.The two types of primary memory :- RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory)
2.The two types of RAM :- Static Ram and Dynamic Ram
3.Removable media type of long-term memory :- Compact Disk and Pen drive.
4.The parts of a microprocessor:- Control Unit, Memory Registers and Arithmetic and Logic Unit.
5.Names of major microprocessor:- AMD,IBM and Intel.
6.The two types of call centers :- Customer care center and telemarketing.
7.The two conferencing techniques using modern communication technologies:- Tele conferencing and video conferencing.
8.The central room from which the path and operations of a satellite is controlled:- Mission Control room.

4.Write the expanded forms of the following abbreviations:-
1.DRAM:-Dynamic Random Access Memory.
2.SRAM:-Static Random Access Memory.
3.ROM:-Read Only Memory.
4.EEPRO:-Electrically erasable programmable memory.
5.ALU:- Arithmetic And Logic unit
6.MHz: -Mega Hertz.
7.Mips:-Million instructions per second.
8.AMD:- Advanced Micro device.
9.SMS:- Short Message Service.
10.INSAT:-Indian National Satellite.
11.WLL:- Wireless local loop
12.VolP:-Voice over Internet Protocol.

5.State whether the following statements are true or false:-
1.Primary memories are volatile. True.
2.Memory locations in a RAM can be randomly accessed for read-write operations. True.
3.Audio/video cassette tapes are a sequential access. True.
4. A DRAM is faster than an SRAM. False.
5. A CPU cache is a dynamic RAM. False.
6. An USB pen drive is an EEPROM. True.
7. An SMS text message in Hindi can contain up to 160 characters and symbols. False.
8. Cell phone users are charged for alerts messaged to them by the local police or municipality. False.
9. Mobile roaming mode charges are higher than those within your home area. True.
10.A satellite-to-earth communication links called an uplink. False.
11.EDUSAT is the first satellite launched by India. False.
12.An internet call Centre is much cheaper to run than a conventional call Centre. True.

6. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :
1.What is meant by a volatile memory?
Ans:-If the data in the memory is get erased in the absents of power supply, that type of memory is known as volatile memory.
2. State the use of ROM as main memory in a computer.
Ans:- ROM holds critical bootstrapping programs that are essential to bring the computer to a state of readiness after it is powered on.
3.What is SMS?
Ans:- SMS is a technology that enables the sending and receiving of messages between mobile phones.
4. What is MMS?
Ans:-MMS is a technology that allows mobile subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers..
5. What are the space and ground segments of a satellite communication system?
Ans:-The space segment consists of one or more satellite. The earth segment consists of number of earth-based stations interconnected by satellite.
6.What are the sues of the INSAT system?
Ans:- INSAT system provides service to telecommunication, television broadcasting, weather forecasting. Disaster warning.
7.What is Wireless Local Loop?
Ans:-WLL is  a communication system that connects  subscribers to regular telephone network using electromagnetic signals instead of conventional copper wires. 
8.What is a Call Centre?
Ans:- A call center is a centralized office used for handling a large volume of operator –supported inbound and outbound telephone calls.
9.Which qualities are required in a Call Centre representative?
Ans:-A call center job requires good communication skills, politeness and lot of patients.
10.What is an Operator Control Room?

Ans:- Operator control room is a single room from which one or more operators supervise and control all the automatic equipment of an industry.