1. Fill in the blanks :-

1.  Electronics technology developed after the invention of the vacuum tube devices.
2.  First generation of electronic computers were built using vacuum tube devices.
3.  The CPU forms the essential component of modern stored-program computers.
4.  Second generation computers were built using transistors.
5.  A computer that is an order of magnitude more powerful than other computers of its generation is called a super computer.
6.  Keyboards as input devices came into use during the third generation of computers.
7. GUI is a feature of the fourth generation of computers.

2. State whether the following statements are true or false :

1.  Replacement of vacuum tubes with transistors reduced the size of computers.
     Ans-> True.
2. First generation computers used keyboards for inputs.
      Ans -> False.
3. Magnetic core memory were used in the second generation computers.
      Ans -> True.
4. Operating systems when they were introduced had a graphical user interface.
     Ans -> False.
5. Semiconductor memory was used in the third generation computers.
     Ans -> True.
6. A microprocessor is an integrated circuit.
     Ans -> False.
7. Jack kilby’s integrated circuit was known as CPU on chip.
     Ans -> False.

3.  Distinguish between :-

1.Vacuum Tubes
1. Large in size.
1 Small in size.
2. Consumed lot of energy.
2.Consumed less energy.
3. Produced too much heat.
3. Produced less heat.

2.Second generation  Computers
Third generation computers
1. Punched cards are used for input
1. key boards are used for input
2. Magnetic drum memories are used
2. Semiconductors are used as memory.
3. Transistors are used.
3. Integrated circuits are used.


 4. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :-
 1.  What is meant by computer generations?
 Ans:-Computers’ are categorized on the basis of technology used to build its electronic  components. Computers’ that are built by a specific technology is belongs to that technology.
 2.  Why were the first generation computers huge in size?
 Ans:- The first generations of computers’ were built by vacuum tube technology. The Vacuum tubes were big in size and they produced lot of heat. So they had to be cooled by big air conditioners. So they were big in size.
 3.  What is a supercomputer?
  Ans:-A computer that is about ten times powerful than other computer of its generation is called supercomputer.
 4.  What is an integrated circuit?
  Ans:-Connection of several transistors together into a single miniaturized processing board is called an integrated circuit.
5. Answer the following questions in brief : (Write answers in your notebook.)
1.  State any five features of the third generation computers.
       a) Transistors were replaced by integrated circuits.
       b) They generated less heat and consumed less energy.
       c) Semiconductor memory was invented.
       d) The size of the computer was remarkably small.
       e) CD-ROM was introduced.

2. State any five features of the fourth generation computes.
       a) These computers were made using microprocessors.
       b) Graphic user interfaces were introduces.
       c) Floppy disk was introduced.
       d) Local area Networking technology was developed.
       e) Home game system Became available.

3. What are the technologies being envisaged for future generation of computers?
      a) Computers are planned to design with artificial intelligence.
      b) The goal is to develop the computers that respond to natural languages.
      c) Computers should be able to learn-self.
      d) Quantum computing is planned.

      e) Speech processing, vision system, robotics abilities are determined to include.