1. Answer briefly:
(1) What is the use of WordPad program?
Ans. We can type the letters, notes , we can copy, paste the text and we can modify the text using  colour and style.
(2) Explain any four tools of paint program.
Ans. Paint can is used to fill a colour in a closed area. Pencil can be used to draw or colour likes an ordinary pencil. Line tool is used to draw straight lines. Ellipse tool is used to draw ovals and circles.
(3) Distinguish between system software and application software.
Ans. System software is  a set of programs which connects the application software and hardware device. Eg: M/S Windows. Application software pertains to one specific application. Eg: M/S word, M/s Paint.
(4)Write the steps to open calculator window.
Ans. Click start button -> All programs -> Accessories-> Calculator.
(5)What is the use of Paint program and write the step to start it.
Ans.  M/S Paint programs are used to draw pictures, To start M/S Paint, Click start button -> All programs -> Accessories-> M/S Paint.
2. Answer in one sentences:
(1)What is the work area in the word pad program window?
Ans. Below the menu bar, the wide blank white area with a blinking cursor is the work area of the WordPad program.
(2) Where is the date and time displayed on the Desktop?
Ans. On the right hand side of the taskbar.
(3) What is the use of display box in Calculator Program window?
Ans. To display the output and input of the calculator.
3. Write the names of the tool in the Paint program.
(1) To add text                                             -       Text tool
(2) To draw Curve                            -       Curve tool.
(3) To get enlarged view                    -       Magnifier
(4) To erase an image                        -       Eraser
(5) To Draw ovals and circles                      -       Ellipse tool
4. Give the use of the following commands:
(1)New : To open a new paint file or WordPad file.
(2)Print Preview: To see your picture on the monitor as it will be printed.
(3)Set as wall paper: To set your picture as desktop back ground.
(4)Save As: To save existing file with a new file name.
5. Fill in the blanks:
(1) Select tool is used for selection in paint program.
(2) Bold tool to makes the letter bold.
(3)In Paint program Paint can used to fill colour in the object.
(4) Double-click on the time-box icon on the Taskbar to open the Date and time   properties window.

(5)Calculator is used for doing calculations.