Explain the opening screen of the tally

Ans. When tally is opened in Windows environment, it shows different menus.
1.       The top bar contains the product message and version, system date and time.
2.       Then Tally opening screen is displays main three parts as follows.

                                                              i.      Gateway of tally
                                                            ii.      Functions buttons
                                                          iii.      Calculator (command area)

I.                    Gateway of Tally:
To the left hand side of the screen this part shows different options.
All these options are used to create ledger, group or to see trial balance or for balance sheet.
To the right hand side of the screen, this part shows the list of all companies and at the top it shows name of selected company.
Ctrl + M are the shortcut keys to activate gateway of Tally.

Function button:
This part of the screen shows the list of all function keys with its uses.
By selecting the buttons, user can activate that particular function like backup, change, etc.

Calculator (command area) :
This part of the screen is actual command area
In this area user can type command and execute them.

Ctrl + N are the shortcut keys to activate this area.