How to create a new company in Tally?

1.       In tally, company means an organization whose accounts are to be maintained on computer.
2.       For that, user have to declare list of all accounts used in that company and then start to enter daily transactions.
3.       Creating company means enter detail information about the company.
4.       By default, tally software shows opening green with gateway of Tally, functions button and calculator.
5.       Then click on the function button F3 (Alt + F3) on the button panel to display company info menu. This show following menu:
Company info
Select company
Create company
This menu is used for selecting company or for creating a new company.
6.       To create a new company, select create company options by clicking this option or by pressing C.
7.       Then the screen display various fields to fill up information like name of company with its alias, address, currency, financial year, income tax number and sales tax number etc.

8.       At the end, it asks whether accept the data or not. If user selects Yes option then that company is created and it can be loaded from company info menu.