We have heard of ‘ quacks ‘ in the villages who try to cure serious diseases by their so called magical remedies . This is an example of a little learning a being a dangerous thing . Finally when the patient dies they shift the blame to some supernatural power and wash their hands of the tragedy .

            Sometimes children try to imitate dangerous scenes form films , realizing the harm that they can cause to themselves or others .Likewise , learning Yoga from someone who is not an expert in the art could be dangerous . Some people try to repair domestic appliances on their own thinking that they can do the job themselves . Lacking sufficient knowledge ,they only spoil the appliance . They  would do well to call a technician to do the job.

            Listening to the advice of someone who is less educated than you can result in your making wrong choices in life . Remember Lord Buddha’s teaching : Travel not with a fool . He further goes on to say that if the people you are travelling with are less clever than you or equal in cleverness to you , it is better to travel alone . In other words , it is better to have no friends that to have one who has little knowledge .