Everyone has to work in order to earn money . However , there are some who think of work only as a means to earn money , and nothing more . As a result they do not perform the tasks given to them by their employers with interest . They make excuses , point an accusing finger at others , blame their tools , criticize their employers , complain about their colleagues – while they themselves work in the most inefficient way possible . we must remind such people that ‘Duty is divine ‘ and ‘work is worship ‘ . Work is a dedication of one’s labour to God . Work is the use of the inspiration given to us by God to create and carve and mend and shape .

            Work should be performed with sincerity , dedication and perseverance .This shows respect for  what we do , and for the others who will benefit by our work . When we perform a task , however simple it may be , it should be done to the best of our ability . This shows not only our deep involvement in our actions, but also an expression of our skills . We must not forget that the first ‘work ‘ ever done was by God – the of Creation . And look how beautiful His ‘Works’ are !