What is special about the fruit , the apple? Why is it said that the apple keeps the doctor away ? why is no other fruit mentioned in a proverb ? The answers are very simple. The apple has , perhaps , the most nutritional value amongst all fruits .

A medium  - sized  apple gives 80 calories and makes a good snack . It contains absolutely no fat . It also helps reduce the risk of some cancers . Because it is low in sodium content , it reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. The apple has a substance that can reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in our body . It is also rich in vitamin A , which strengthens our vision . 

Apples also contain vitamin C that boosts the immune system in the body . Research shows that people who eat five apples  or more per week have fewer respiratory  problems , including asthma .
After eating any kind of food  , eat an apple . An apple is a natural toothbrush . It prevents tooth decay by killing 80% of the bacteria in the teeth . thus , this proverb  reminds us of the role of diet in warding off diseases – and how it saves us the trouble of visiting the doctor .