Read the biographies of great men and women like Albert Einstein , Mother Teresa , Edmund Hillary , Marie Curie and Abraham Lincoln . You will find that it is their strong  will which has helped them overcome great difficulties and setbacks and helped them find a way to achieve their goals .

Every student thinks that securing a first class in an examination is beyond his or her capacity . But if  a student resolves firmly to achieve his or her goal and works towards it sincerely and wholeheartedly , he or she is absolutely  certain to achieve  success .

There was a time when flying  in the air , traveling in space and sending messages and pictures instantly were all regarded as flights of fancy . But the persistent efforts of some strong – willed people have turned all these dreams into reality .

Man’s will – power , determination and dedication are wonderful qualities . They endow the doer with the will to achieve and the means to find out ways to achieve the impossible . across an obstacle and can’t climb over it , we must walk around it . There is always a way ! There is a solution !