If you give a piece of cloth to a tailor to make a coat ,the tailor will first measure the cloth and then decide what kind of coast has to be made out of it . He will not be able to make a cost that requires more material that the cloth provided . The same is the case with our income and expenditure . Our expenses should always be within the limits of our income . Otherwise , ware sure to land in debt and difficulties . The proverb thus tells us not to spend more than what we earn I .e. ,to live within our means .

This proverb applies not only to individuals but also to business establishments . Of course , a company many raise a loan to expand or diversify its business . but it must do so judiciously ; otherwise it can even go bankrupt . Even the government of a country has to keep in mind its total resources while spending . If it does not do so goes on borrowing recklessly from banks and foreign countries , it could result in severe economic problems for the country .

Hence the saying is of great practical value . Applying it in life makes one happy and contented