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            Once it was raining very heavily . It didn’t  seem that it would stop . There was no means of  transport and I wondered how I would reach home . Then as if form nowhere , a classmate happened by in a car . He asked me to get in and reached me to my home . From that day onwards he become one of my best  friends . Later on I was able to help him out in mathematics , a subject in which he was very weak  . Indeed  , a friend in need is a friend indeed !

I have found that many people talk about friendship , but when you need them during  the time of crisis , somehow  they are not to be seen anywhere . those who stand by you when you are really in trouble are your true friends .Isn’t that what friends are for ? To help each other in times of need ?

Life is about being there for others . Life is all about caring and sharing . There are plenty of fair  - weather friends . they  desert your time of need . true friends are steadfast . True friends are forever .