Artificial , man – made objects can never be as beautiful as the works  of nature . God made the fields , the birds , the mountains , the rivers , the valleys . What did man do ? He only made the buildings that sit on God’s creation .

            Take a look at our cities : the creation of man . They are ugly manifestation of hustle and bustle , hurry and flurry and a mechanical lifestyle . They are the cause of noise and pollution . Wherever man has established human settlements , he has brought with it innumerable problems . And what is worse , in order to construct his so called creations , he does away with all the elements of nature that make life so beautiful . Man fills his surroundings with stone and cement and dirt and smoke , creating massive concrete jungles , and tarred four – lane highways .

            On the other hand , the country side provides soothing silence or the pleasant noises of nature, fresh air , wholesome and nourishing food , simplicity , happiness and contentment . In fact , it is only the simple rural folk who know what  true labour is , what true appetite is , what true satisfaction is , and what sound sleep really is . This is because they are in harmony with their environment . They have not interfered with God’s creations and , as a result , enjoy the simple gifts of nature .

            Blessed indeed are they who live in the midst of surroundings created by God !