It has been said , ‘Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today ‘ . Work does not disappear if we postpone it . Once day or the other it has done . The more we postpone doing something , the more the work piles up . Finally when we do tackle the work , the amount seems too much . We then have to spend hours working under great strain and stress . Very often , we end up completing the work in a shoddy manner .It might also happen that the work may never get done , just because we delayed doing it when it was required to be done .

            Sometimes a very heavy price has be paid for delaying things . The person who delays insuring his house will regret it when it is gutted by a sudden fire . putting off the treatment of a disease may make it worse , and many even result in death . the student who goes on postponing studies will need to burn the midnight oil for last minute preparations before the examination . And even then , he or she may not have time enough to cover the entire portion .

When some work is delayed , the time which would have profitably used is wasted . time wasted is time lost  forever . putting things off robs us of the opportunity of doing things . Hence procrastination , in this proverb , is referred to as a ‘thief of time ‘ . It is a proverb that we would do well to remember at all times , for it warns us against the dangers of delay in action , and stresses the importance of timely action .