There is a Sanskrit verse that says that animals do not enter the mouth of a sleeping lion on their own .The lion has to go hunt them . Otherwise it will starve and finally die . The word ‘industry ‘ in the given proverb refers to the quality of working hard regularly . So what the proverb means is that hard work is the key to success .

A farmer has to toil under extreme conditions in his field . Only then can he hope to harvest bumper crops . Labourers in a factory have to work efficiently in order to manufacture the goods that , when sold , will reap benefits for all . All prosperous nations have come up by the unfailing and dedicated efforts of their people . there is , indeed , no substitute for hard work .no short cut to prosperity . It can come only through industry or hard work . In this sense , then , industry is , indeed , the mother of prosperity .

            Good things in life do not just fall into our laps . The sweet fruit of success has to be earned by the sweat of one’s brow . No Tata or Birla or Ambani ever reached where they are by sitting in an easy chair relaxing . Sachin Tendulkar plays well not by mere instinct . Behind his brilliant performance lies a lot of hard work and hours of practice sessions on the field . Actors do not become successful merely on the strength of their looks or physical appearance . They sweat it out in front of the strength of their looks or take before they finally appear on the screen and charm the public .

            Nothing worthwhile in life can be attained without effort . Every thing comes from continuous hard work . And this is something we must all remember if we wish to be successful and happy .