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Corruption has spread through India like an epidemic . At every twist and turn you meet people who are willing to do anything dishonest in order to earn money .Dishonesty in words and deeds is so common now that people have almost accepted it as a rule rather than an exception .An honest person is a bit of an oddity in present day India . Isn’t that a rather sad state of affairs ?

We all know from our experience that a lie will lead to another ten ; a misdeed may need another ten misdeeds to cover it up .Still we tell lies and do wrong things .

Every religion tells us that we must be honest . No one likes dishonest people because they cannot be trusted .The truth is always so simple . Dishonesty is like a whirlpool from which escape is difficult . Sometimes we are punished for being honest , but it is nothing compared to the pain and suffering that we cause to other due to our dishonesty.


Gandhiji laid great emphasis on the need for truthfulness in words and deeds . His life throughout was a struggle to uphold the virtue of truth . A truthful person can speak and act with moral conviction . He command respect and reverence in society . Such people are necessary  in the world today .