Women entrepreneurs have to face the following Problems:

1. Lack Of Adequate Capital
Generally, women entrepreneurs use their savings and personal property to start a new venture. Due to their poor access to external financial resources, they face the problem in raising capital.

2. Poor Business Relations
In male-dominated groups, it is very hard for the women entrepreneurs to to develop business relations. Therefore, they find limited business opportunities.

3. Lack Of Skill
Generally, women possess administrative skills and lack manufacturing and technical skills. Therefore, their skills and experience limits them to service-related ventures only.

4. Family Pressure
Women entrepreneurs suffer from family pressure. They have to devote their time for household works and for children. This limits them to use time for new venture.

5. Low Mobility
Women tend to be less mobile than men by nature. Due to low mobility, they may lose various business opportunities.

6. Other Difficulties
Women entrepreneurs have to face various other problems such as legal constraints, lack of infrastructure, shortage of raw materials, stiff competition. etc.