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India-industries Class 10th Geography Tamilnadu Board Solution

Class 10th Geography Tamilnadu Board Solution

Question 1.

Cotton textile industry is ……………….
A. Mineral based industry

B. Agro based industry

C. Forest based industry

D. Software industry


Option b) is the correct option as cotton textile is included in the agro based industry.

Option a) is incorrect as it includes iron and steel industry.

Option c) is incorrect as it includes industries like paper industry and industries which are a byproduct of forest.

Option d) is incorrect as it includes business for development, maintenance, etc.

Question 2.

Manchester of India is ………………...
A. Delhi

B. Chennai

C. Mumbai

D. Kolkata


Option c) is correct as Manchester of India is situated in Mumbai related to cotton textile industry

Option a) is incorrect as Delhi is not a cotton textile producer.

Option c) is incorrect as Mumbai is related with Electronic Industries.

Option d) is incorrect as Kolkata is related to Jute Industry.

Question 3.

Tata iron and steel industry is located at ……………
A. Durgapur

B. Bhilai

C. Jamshedpur

D. Burnpur


Option c) is correct as Tata iron and steel industry is situated in Jamshedpur.

Option a) is incorrect as Hindustan Steel Limited is situated in Durgapur (West Bengal).

Option b) is incorrect as an another branch of Hindustan Steel Limited is situated in Bhilai (Chhattisgarh).

Option d) is incorrect as Indian Iron and steel industry is situated in Burnpur.

Question 4.

Chota Nagpur Plateau is noted for ……………. .
A. Natural Vegetation

B. Mineral resources

C. Alluvial soil

D. Cotton Cultivation


Option b) is correct as Chota Nagpur plateau is noted for mineral resources present east coastal plains.

Option a) is incorrect as it is just a term referring to plants not grown by human’s example -forests.

Option c) is incorrect as alluvial soil is located in the mid regions of India like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Option d) is incorrect as cotton cultivation is situated in the western coastal plain

Question 5.

the city known as Electronic capital is …………
A. Kanpur

B. Delhi

C. Bengaluru

D. Madurai


Option c) is correct as Bengaluru is known as the Electronic capital of India.

Option a) is incorrect as it doesn’t produce as much as Bengaluru when it comes to electronic goods.

Option b) is incorrect even though Delhi too is an important center for Electronic Industries as Bengaluru is the leading producer of electronic goods.

Option d) is incorrect as Madurai is well known for its cotton industries.

Question 6.

Match the following:


Question 7.

Agro based and Mineral based industries.


Question 8.

Iron and steel industry and software industry.


Question 9.

Define manufacturing.


Manufacturing is a process where raw materials are converted into finished products for consumption purposes or used as an intermediate good usually done on a large scale.

Question 10.

Name the factors that determine location of an Industry.


The factors that determine the location of a industry are-

a) availability of raw materials

b) power

c) transport

d) man power

e) water

f) market and

g) Government policies

Question 11.

What are agro based industries? Give examples.


Agro based Industries are those industries which uses agricultural products as their basic raw materials. Some examples are Cotton textile industry, jute industry, sugar industry, etc.

Question 12.

Name any five software centers.


Name of any five software centers are-

a) Chennai

b) Bengaluru

c) Mysore

d) Mumbai

e) Pune

Question 13.

What are the byproducts of jute Industry?


The byproducts of Jute industry are-

a) Gunny bags

b) Canvas

c) Pack sheets

d) Jute webs

e) Hessians

f) Carpets

g) Cordage and

h) Twines.

Question 14.

Write an account of iron steel industries of India.


a. The major mineral based industry of India is the iron and steel industry located either near the coal fields or iron ore mines or midway between the coal and iron ore fields.

b. A vast portion of iron and steel industries in India are located in the Chota Nagpur Plateau because of its geographical features along with the availability of resources which includes high grade hematite and magnetite iron ore available from the mines of Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

c. Jharia and Singbhum in Jharkhand, Raniganj in West Bengal have abundant coking coal used in manufacturing high grade steel.

d. A high availability of flux material in West Bengal are purifying.

e. Also, minerals are available in places like Ranchi (limestone), Jabalpur and Dhanbad (silica), Madhya Pradesh (dolomite) and Bihar (quartz).

f. India has 11 integrated steel plants and 150 mini steel plants which suits the Indian economy as it requires less investment.

g. Many companies were introduced too like Tata Iron and Steel company (TISCO) which produces Pig iron and crude steel located at Jamshedpur. Indian Iron and Steel Company (IISCO) located at Kullti, Burpur and Hirapur. Visveshwaraya Iron and Steel limited (VISL) at Bhadravati in Karnataka which produces alloy and special steel, Hindustan Steel Limited which are present in states namely Chhattisgarh (Bhilai), Odisha (Rourkela), West Bengal (Durgapur) and Jharkhand (Bokaro) manufacturing alloy, steel plates, fertilizers and so on irrespectively.

h. The Salem plant at Salem in Tamil Nadu which is the major producer of world class stainless steel demanded from all around the world, the Vijayanagar Steel Plant at Tornagal (Karnataka) and lastly The Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant which is a major exporter of oriented steel plant.

Question 15.

Describe the factors encouraging cotton textile industry in Mumbai.


Mumbai is one of the leading cotton textile which is also known as the “Manchester of India”. Write a note on sugar Industries of India. The following are the factors that encourage the cotton textile industry in Mumbai-

a. The favorable location of port facilities allows it to export their finished products less effort.

b. Characterized by proper connection of rail and road links with cotton growing areas allows it to transport its goods with much more efficiency.

c. Availability of capital goods, finance, man power and humid coastal climate too adds on the factors.

Question 16.

Write a note on Sugar industries of India.


The following points will allow you to have an idea about the sugar industries of India-

a. The Sugar industries of India ranks second amongst the largest agro based industry in India which are located near its area of cultivation as sugarcane is a weight loosing agricultural product which cannot be stored for a longer period of time because of its inability to contain sucrose in it for a long period due tow which It cannot be transported very far.

b. Sugar harvesting is done in a particular season because of its constraints, their crushing too is to be done in a limited time period due to which its factories do not function throughout the year.

c. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (popularly known as the ‘sugar bowl of India’) contributes about 70% of the country’s total production of sugar. Other states like Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu also produces sugar with Nellikupam, Pugalur, Coimbatore and Pandyarajapuram as popular places in Tamil Nadu for sugar production.

d. The Government too has played its role by introducing a dual price system for internal sugar trade with every sugar mill giving up 40% of its production to the Government at a fixed price which It sells through Public Distortion System with the rest of 60% sold in the open market at a higher price.

Question 17.

Give an account of Automobile Industry or software Industry in India.


Automobile Industry-

a. Its growth normally took place after the independence of India.

b. With its first automobile Industry first introduced at Kurla (Mumbai) bearing the name Premier Automobile limited led to the paving the way for further such industries such as the Hindustan motors limited situated in Kolkata further led to the development of the country.

c. In the last 30 years, a tremendous progress has been observed in this industry by manufacturing cars, motors, engines, and so on.

d. With its exponential growth, foreign markets like Suzuki, Fords, etc. has started to show their interest and merged with the Indian automobile industries which again helped the Indian economy by boosting it by adding more to its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which reflects the growth of an economy.

Software Industry-

a. The software Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India mainly due to the availability of factors of production (mainly labor) at affordable cost.

b. This industry has flourished at a very good rate setting its root at places like Chennai, Coimbatore, etc. thereby raising the economy of the country by increasing the country’s GDP.

c. Presently, with more than 500 software firms in the country which is still growing helps in generating employment in the country.

d. Has contributed in the export-import of the country providing goods and output from the software industry allowing the country to export to the rest of the world which again boosts up the country’s economy.

e. Its growth and its extent throughout the country has made life much easier along with generating employment in the country thereby changing harmful technology into more environmental friendly technology.

Question 18.

Major iron and steel Plants.


Question 19.

Software technology parks.


Question 20.

Cotton textile.