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Omtex Classes                                                                                                                        four
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TIME: - 3 hours   Bismillah                                                                                                                          MARKS: - 100


Q.1 (A) selects the suitable alternatives from the following and rewrites the following.                                                                     5 marks
1.        Public companies can not accept deposits for more than ____________months.(36, 6, 12)
2.        A company is required to issue debenture certificates within _________months from the date of allotment of debentures. (3, 6, 9)
3.        No company with net owned funds of less than Rs__________ crore shall invite public deposits. (Ten, Two, One)
4.        Depositors are known as ___________of the company. (debtors, creditors, members)
5.        A Share certificate is signed by at least______________directors. (three, four, two)

(B) Match the Pairs    Bismillah                                                                                                                                                                                5marks

Group a
Group B
1.        Employee stock option scheme
2.        Oversubscriobtion
3.        Share certificate
4.        Private Placement
5.        Right Issue
1.        Public company collecting capital privately
2.        Private company collecting capital privately
3.        Employees participation in business
4.        Refund of money
5.        Document of title to the shares
6.        Bearer document
7.        Employees insurance scheme
8.        Shares offered to existing shareholders
9.        Negotiable document
10.     More capital

 (C) Fill in the blanks   Bismillah                                                                                                                                                                             5 marks
1.        A company ca declare final dividend at ______________general meeting
2.        Bonus shares can be issued twice in a period of ____________years.
3.        The declared dividend must be paid only in _________________form.
4.        Dividend should be distributed among the shareholders within __________days of its declaration.
5.        The rate of interest on deposits shall not exceed _____________%p.a.

Q. 2 write short notes any 3 Bismillah                                                                                                                                                                   15 marks
1.        Procedure of report writing.
2.        Initial public offer.(IPO)
3.        Ploughing back of profit.
4.        Procedure for redemption of debentures.

 Q. 3 Distinguish Between any 3          Bismillah                                                                                                                                                   15 marks
1.        Share Certificate V/S Share Warrant
2.        Committee Report V/S Progress Report 
3.        Dividend V/S Interest
4.        Interim dividend V/S Final Dividend

Q. 4 State whether the following are true or false (any three) Bismillah                                                                                                           15 Marks
1.        Surrender of shares is possible in case of partly paid shares only.
2.        A private company can accept deposits from the people
3.        Interim dividend is declared by the members in the annual general meetings
4.        Investors can open many Demat Account.

Q.5 Answer the following questions any two. Bismillah                                                                                                                                     10 marks
1.        What are the Functions of Stock Exchange?
2.        State developments in corporate debt financing?
3.        Explain about OTCEI

Q. 6 Define Debentures? Explain its Types   Bismillah                                                                                                                                         10 marks
        Explain the Procedure involved in the Invitation of Deposits? Bismillah    

Q. 7. Explain the Procedure involved in the Conversion of Debenture into Shares? Bismillah                                                                      10 marks
        Explain the Procedure involved in the Transmission of shares? Bismillah    

Q. 8. Draft a letter to depositor informing him about payment of interest? Bismillah                                                                          10 marks