2.1 The Alchemy of Nature

1. What kind of rocks did the author find on the beach?
The author found rocks cared, sculpted and shaped by water on the beach.
2. What smiles with the sun and dances with the wind?
The hibiscus flower smiles with the sun and dances with the wind.
3. In what condition was the tree in cold winter months?
The tree was bare of leaves in the cold winter months.
4. What do we find in the infinite sky?
We find innumerable stars in the infinite sky.
5. How does nature help us doing outdoor activities?
Nature soothes and nurtures us, fulfills and motivates us and even whispers and commands us.
6. What do we learn from small bits of grass?
We learn from the small bits of grass that however impossible things may look, there is always an opening.
7. What is the fate of a big, bright and tender flower?
A day after it blooms, it withers and falls and becomes one with the earth again.
8. Do difficult phases stay in life? How do we know this?
Difficult phases of life do not stay, they pass away. We know this form experience and the cyclic occurrences in nature.
9. What lesson do we learn from the life of a flower?
We learn from the life of the flower that no matter what the length of life is, it is the quality that matters and counts the most, hence we should live it to the fullest.
10. How do you deal with the problems that you come across?
Personally, I always try to analyse the problem and consider various alternative options as solutions. Then guided by my experience and instinct or if need be, the advice of others, I work towards its solution.
11. Pick out the odd word:

Innumerable, impressive, unhindered, infinite, impossible.