1.3 The Night the Ghost got in.

1. How many members are there in the family?
There are six members in the family.
2. What was the writer trying to find out late at night?
The writer was trying to find out whose footsteps could be heard in the dining room.
3. Why did the writer’s brother, Herman, slam the door?
The writer’s brother, Herman, slammed the door because he was perhaps afraid of the sound of the footsteps.
4. What was mother’s reaction? How did she manage the situation?
When the writer’s mother got to know of the situation, she shouted ‘Burglars’ and decided to call the police and alerted the immediate neighbor, a retired engraver, Bodwell.
5. How would you react if on a dark if on a dark night there were any sounds in your kitchen?
Being quite bold and daring, I would venture into the kitchen and try to find out the cause of the sounds.
6. Who, do you think, in your family can handle such situations?
Most of us in the family can handle such situations as all of us are brave and not afraid of anything.
7. Do you think it was right on the mother’s part to throw a shoe and break the neighbour’s window?
To the extent that mother was trying to alert the neighbour and seek their help, she is justified in throwing a shoe and breaking their window.
8. Why was Mrs. Bodwell talking about selling the house?
Mr. Bodwell was talking about selling the house as she wanted to go back to Peoria.
9. How many policemen entered the house?
About eight policemen entered the house.
10. How did the cops manage to enter into locked house?
The cops managed to enter into the locked house by breaking the glass of the front door.
11. What type of action did the police start taking once they were inside the house?
The police went all over the place, checking drawers and cupboards, ransacking the floors, pulling beds away from the walls, tearing clothes off the hooks and pulling boxes and suitcases off the shelves.
12. Why were the police pushing the furniture here and there?
The police were pushing the furniture here and there to make a thorough search of the burglars (thieves).
13. Pick out a word from the passage that ha s prefix and a suffix.